500 million Europeans are waiting. Sign now!

, by JEF Europe

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500 million Europeans are waiting. Sign now!

Today, Thursday 15th October, Presidents of the 27 sections of JEF-Europe (Young European Federalists), including the Czech Republic, will send a letter to President Klaus with a European Union pen, encouraging him to sign off the Lisbon Treaty without delay.

WHAT? Federalists will send President Klaus 27 pens and an open letter WHY? To demand his signature on Lisbon Treaty without delay WHEN? Thursday 15th October WHERE? Simultaneously across the 27 Member States of the EU. HOW? Presidents of the 27 JEF sections will post the letter. Pictures will be available on www.jef.eu on Thursday afternoon.

On Thursday 15th October, Presidents of the 27 sections of JEF-Europe (Young European Federalists), including the Czech Republic, will send a letter to President Klaus with a European Union pen, encouraging him to sign off the Treaty without delay.

Vice President of the federalist organisation and co-ordinator of the YES2LISBON campaign Toni Giugliano said:

“Europe has been held back long enough. Klaus is simply finding ways of holding it back further.” “First he chooses to wait for Ireland’s referendum result. Then he completely ignores the Irish shout for change in Europe. Now he is even ignoring the will of both houses of the Czech parliament, causing the Czech cabinet to meet in emergency sessions." “Even more pathetic is to see Klaus in a last minute attempt to add footnotes to the Treaty to stall the entire project. He is completely exceeding his constitutional capacity as President”. “We are starting to wonder whether this is David Cameron pulling the strings, and it’s certainly starting to look that way."

Klaus is completely exceeding his constitutional capacity as President.

David Neuwirth, President of JEF Czech Republic said:

“Through this action we ask our President to respect the will of the Czech people. Both houses of Parliament have clearly voted in favour of the Treaty and the Constitutional Court has already affirmed its compatibility with the Czech legal order.” “Recent SANEP data shows that around 43% of Czechs want Klaus to sign Lisbon immediately. Even more significant is the fact that over 55% of Czechs would vote for Lisbon in a referendum.““Once the repeated challenge of the Treaty is decided by the Court, it will be up to him to respect that decision.”

Press Contact:

Toni Giugliano, Vice-President of JEF-Europe; toni.giugliano at jef.eu; +44 (0)7756663312.

1. See full info on www.jef.eu

2. Full results of the poll can be found here: http://www.ceskenoviny.cz/zpravy/two-fifhts-of-czechs-want-klaus-to-quickly-sign-lisbon-poll/401064&id_seznam

3. JEF sections in non-EU countries across Europe are also taking part in the initiative, in support of the Lisbon Treaty.

4. Image: JEF Madrid sending the letter, source: JEF Europe

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  • On 15 October 2009 at 15:26, by Lincsman Replying to: 500 million Europeans are waiting. Sign now!

    Why does the EU not carry out an EU wide referendum on this treaty (constitution)? The people would of course reject this ’treaty’ just as they did the constitution. Is the EU afraid of real democracy knowing that it will be lost?

    Klaus is correct - the EU is a dangerous organiastion that will only lead to a new war in Europe some years down the road. Isn’t this whole process similar to how Hitler came to power?

    Real democracy in Europe is dead - wake up before it’s too late!

    I can see that this message will not pass through ’moderation’. Surprise me - show some attempt at free speech!

  • On 15 October 2009 at 15:59, by Fabien Cazenave Replying to: 500 million Europeans are waiting. Sign now!

    There is a paradoxe in your argumentation : you ask democracy and you support Klaus ? His Parliament had said Yes, the czech supreme court had said Yes, but he’s refusing to ratify the treaty. It’s not a good example of democracy...

    In fact, if you ask a european referendum, you will find a large part of people agrea with you on this website !

    The problem of Europe is not the democracy... it’s the diplomacy. Still you will see the European Council decide, you won’t have a real european referendum.

    We can’t accept than one guy can choose for everybody. Please Klaus the debate !

  • On 15 October 2009 at 17:00, by Lincsman Replying to: 500 million Europeans are waiting. Sign now!


    There is a paradoxe

    There is no paradox in supporting Klaus AND democracy.

    Klaus is holding out for a UK referendum on the treaty/constitution that will open the floodgates to many more such plebiscites in Europe. The people of the UK will reject the treaty/constitution - of that there is no doubt - and then others will demand their say. H

    Klaus is the democratically elected President of his people and is, by their constitution, charged with protecting the rights of those people. The Czech people are divided on the issue and their government is in awe and fear of EU retribution. This is not democracy - it is a tyranny.

    Klaus is a supporter of true democracy - the kind that his people are now being denied. Not the kind that ignored the Irish and threatened them into submission, not the kind that dared to ignore the will of the people over the original constitution and not the kind that is trying to build a super-state doomed to a violent break-up years down the road.

    This is the last chance to let the people have their say and to stop the Nineteen Eighty Four Orwellian society that it is heading towards. Is this really something that the youth of Europe should support and encourage? People throughout Europe are becoming angry about this abuse of power, the misuse of a largely subservient media and the corruption of our national governments. This is the wrong kind of EU - authoritarian, anti-democratic and steeped in ideas from 60 years ago that are no longer relevant. Is this what you want, or has the educational system been incredibly successful in its indoctrination?

  • On 15 October 2009 at 18:29, by Fabien Cazenave Replying to: 500 million Europeans are waiting. Sign now!

    It’s very interesting to read that this president Klaus, who doesn’t respect the decisions of the czech supreme court and the national parliament, respects the democracy of his country...

    And so what ? For the democracy which was respect in UK ? Oh I see : the UK citizens will chose for everybody in European Union. Of course it’s democracy : 70 millions of people will choose for 500.

    The system of national ratification is the big problem. We can’t be agrea with this way. We need to get out the unanimity.

    The democracy has spoked in Czech republik : the citizens through their representants have say yes. But one guy can stop everybody ?

    Do you remember that Klaus is going behind the supreme court ? He’s lost and it’s a shame for him : the court said his analyse of the supposed contradictions beetween the constitution and the treaty of Lisbon was wrong. But he doesen’t want to understand and try with bad methods to stop the ratification. Is it democracy ? He doesen’t respect the supreme judge of the czech constitution and you want to talk about democracy ?

    Of course in your analyse there is a conspiration. It’s easyer for you : not accept the law of majority, citizens are manipulated. But finaly, all the country have said yes, even the czech parliament. What’s wrong ? Klaus.

    To finish, I think you make a mistake in your analyse of federalism. We don’t want a super state. We believe in subsidiarity : the search of best level of decision. If it’s the country, it’s the country who decide. If it’s the town, it’s the town who decide...

    We’re against a centralism state and that’s why it’s very important to have a real federalism in Europe. With the power not in the council but in the representents of citizens : parliament.

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