Dublin: No campaign trails and offers only propaganda.

Press release of JEF Europe

, by JEF Europe

Dublin: No campaign trails and offers only propaganda.

European Youth for an Irish YES welcomes the results of the most recent polls on the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland published on the Sunday Business Post, placing the YES Campaign on a lead with 41% (up 3 points), the NO vote trailing at 33% (up 5 points) and the undecided electorate reduced by 8 points to 26%.

As previously witnessed with the Nice 1 referendum, both voter turnout and the level of undecided voters can be fundamental in determining the referendum result. A low turnout at the polls on June 12th could well favour the NO campaign, as it did in 2001.

There is no time for complacency” stated Samuele Pii, President JEF Europe. “Though it is a positive sign that the number of undecided voters have decreased and that the YES campaign is gaining momentum. Irish citizens are beginning to have confidence in the YES campaign - not only because all Irish mainstream political parties and organisations back the Treaty, but because the No campaign are losing all their arguments”. Pii continued.

European Youth for an Irish YES will campaign in Ireland between 11-12th June, with the aim of convincing young voters to turn up at the polling stations to back the Treaty and inform them of the many opportunities that the EU has to offer.

The No campaign is running out of steam ” commented Toni Giugliano European Youth for an Irish YES Co-ordinator. “First they criticise the EU for being inefficient and undemocratic; then they campaign against a treaty that addresses those very issues. The reality is that they offer no alternative or vision for Ireland and for Europe. It is clear from the polls that the Irish people are starting to realise how contradictory their arguments are – full of propaganda and scare tactics” Giugliano affirmed.

JEF Europe insists that the Lisbon Treaty is greatly needed in order for the Union of 27 to function efficiently. It increases democratic accountability, strengthens European values through the Charter of Human Rights and allows for a stronger EU in world relations. “It is crucial that this Treaty is ratified in all 27 Member States as rapidly as possible - the EU needs to move on and deliver. We can’t keep on sitting in political limbo” concluded Samuele Pii.

More Info:

European Youth for an Irish YES: www.yes2lisbon.eu

Press Contact:

Toni Giugliano European Youth for an Irish YES Co-ordinator & Vice President JEF Europe


The Republic of Ireland is the only EU member state that is set to hold a public referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Day 22: YES or NO; source: Flickr

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