European Parliament Elections Campaign Launch

JEF-Europe Press Release

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European Parliament Elections Campaign Launch

The Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) will launch their European Parliament elections 2009 campaign, “It’s TIME for CHANGE…It’s TIME for EUROPE!” @ 12:00 on 12th December 2008 (or 12-12-12) in towns and cities across Europe. At the centre of the campaign will be a Manifesto with concrete demands and proposals which the candidates to the European Parliament are urged to support.

These include establishing a single European Economic Policy, the creation of a European Energy and Environmental Agency, a proposal to introduce European blue helmets to contribute to global peace-keeping and the formal recognition of EU symbols in all European institutions. The Manifesto is available in full on our website:

President JEF Europe Samuele Pii stated:

“We ask the candidates to the European Parliament to publicly support these initiatives and to stand by them if elected in June 2009”.

“It’s Time for a Parliament that can initiate policies which European citizens can relate to. A Parliament able to initiate bold and courageous proposals that can have a direct impact on the every day lives of European citizens”.

“If the European Union is to serve its purpose and deliver, it has to reform. Citizens have had enough of the European talking shop”.

“This is why JEF-Europe encourages the new session of the European Parliament to initiate a Treaty Change Process - as outlined in the Lisbon Treaty - to allow our proposals to come into force and in turn reform to create a real Federal Government for Europe”.

JEF-Europe will launch the campaign in cities across Europe through a Pan European Action and will hold a major rally outside the European Parliament in Brussels, all @ 12:00 on 12th December. 12-12-12 not only symbolises the 12 stars of the EU flag but it also marks the eve of the signing of the Lisbon Treaty in 2007. In cities across Europe, activists will distribute the Manifesto and photograph themselves next to a famous clock holding the banner “It’s TIME for CHANGE…It’s TIME for EUROPE!”

Vice President Toni Giugliano and Co-ordinator of the Pan European Action affirmed:

“We chose this symbolic date as a reminder that although Lisbon is not dead, the negative result in Ireland will have an impact on the reforms which should have been in place for the forthcoming European Parliament elections in 2009”.

“The message of the Campaign is clear. The EU must CHANGE if European citizens are ever to restore their confidence in it, and with the current global economic and climatic crises there has never been a better TIME to initiate this change”.

“It’s Time for Europe to wake up from its eternal sleep and for national leaders and EP candidates to give the EU the tools and the power it needs to act”.

In Brussels, JEF activists will wear masks of European leaders who will appear to be sleeping. A giant EU clock will however awaken them.

Various MEPs and European Commission representatives have confirmed their presence.


Press Contact:

PAN EUROPEAN ACTION: Toni Giugliano +44 7756663312 BRUSSELS ACTION: Samuele Pii +32 487214010

Email: info at

Notes for Editor

1. For a full list of Participating cities contact info at 2. Manifesto: Homepage of – PDF available

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