European century or European decline? Read “The Daily European” from 2057!

Press Release, 2 May 2007

, by JEF Europe

European century or European decline? Read “The Daily European” from 2057!

Today, the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) present The Daily European to the members of the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) and to European media. The Daily European newspaper has been beamed to Brussels from the year 2057. Ironically, there are two versions of the newspaper: one from a disintegrated Europe and the other from a flourishing Europe in 2057. Whichever one of the two versions will be reality in 2057 very much depends on the path chosen in 2007. Constitutional ambition or European decline?

”Retired JEF activists in 2057 have been invited to look back at Europe in the time around 2007. Their experience with the European debate and activities can be found in the two scenarios of The Daily European” explained Jan Seifert, President of JEF Europe, when presenting the newspaper in Brussels.

“We want to open the eyes of Europe’s leaders for the different scenarios of the Rome Treaties’ 100-year anniversary in 2057”, so Seifert. “In contrast to our leaders, we are young and our Europe in 2057 is of great concern for us. In order to reach a flourishing Europe, the young generation wants a bold step forward with our continent. Only the adoption of an ambitious European Constitution can build a framework for Europe to grow further together and find its role in the globalised world of 2057”, Seifert claimed.

JEF Europe has for long condemned the fact that a tiny minority of governments can keep the whole Union from progressing further. Seifert concluded: "It is now time to let the European people decide and put the revised Constitution to a European consultative ballot in 2009. Let us work on Europe, so that we can say in 2057 that the party began in 2007!”

Read the two versions of The Daily European here:

The Daily European - A flourishing Europe

The Daily European - A Europe in decline

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