New PM in Czech republic

, by Linh Nguyen

New PM in Czech republic

The Czech government lost a parliamentary confidence vote midway through the country’s EU presidency. The loss of the confidence vote by the incumbent ODS party leader and Prime Minister Topolánek is presented as internal bickering between the goverment and MPs who left the goverment coalition.

Prime minister Topolánek’s government has been weak since its existence in 2007, lacking support of the majority of votes in the lower parlament. Following Sunday’s evening negotiations between the outgoing ruling coalition (Civic Democrats, Greens and Christian Democrats), PM Mirek Topolánek made the announcement that they reached agreement with the opposition Social democrats to appoint Jan Fischer as the new prime minister until early elections in October 2009.

The new government will consist of non-partisan technocrats that will be proposed jointly by the ruling coalition and the Social Democrats. This cabinet of technocrats will not have any special tasks, they main task is to finish the Czech EU presidency.

Who is Jan Fisher? He was born in 1951 in Prague. Fisher was a member of the Communist party in former Czechoslovakia. He is currently head of Czech Statistical Office. According to comments in media, he is a loyal officer with no ambitions to be a politician in future. He should lead the country from 9 May 2009 onwards. 

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Image: new Czech PM Jan Fischer (cc) AFP

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