Nicolas Sarkozy and Europe : A little less conversation ... a little more action

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Nicolas Sarkozy and Europe : A little less conversation ... a little more action

In his speech to the European Parliament on the 13 of November 2007, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy renewed his commitment to Europe as he set his priorities for the French Presidency of the European Council in the second semester of 2008.

The Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) welcome the ambitious agenda that has been put forward by the upcoming French Presidency.

“The aspiration of the French President to create a real European Defence Policy and to extend Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) are two demands that the European Federalists have been long advocating” commented Pauline Gessant, President of the Jeunes Européens France.

“In any case, whether or not the Reform Treaty will be ratified, the structural problems of the European Union will not be solved” affirmed Samuele Pii, President of JEF Europe.

Europe will still remain far from its citizens and weak in the global scene. It is for these reasons that the constituent process should reopen - the need for a European Constitution is more evident than ever !” continued Pii.

...a committee of “wise men” furthers the gap with the citizens...

In this context, JEF encourages the next session of the European Parliament in 2009 and its newly elected MEPs to take on new constitutional initiatives building on the experience of the European Convention.“

Proposing a committee of “wise men” to reflect on the future of Europe rather than involving civil society will further the gap between Europe and its citizens” commented Gessant.

“Intergovernmental methods contribute considerably to the rise of eurosceptic sentiments among citizens. Using Jean Monnet’s words, it is crucial to remind Mr. Sarkozy and all Heads of States and Governments that the final goal of European integration is not a coalition of States but a union of people” concluded Samuele Pii.


Image : Nicolas Sarkozy in the European Parliament on November 13, 2007 ; source : European Parliament

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