Taurillon reaches one million visitors!

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Taurillon reaches one million visitors!

Taurillon, the webzine on European affairs of the Young European Federalists (JEF), has exceeded the 1,000,000 visitor mark. This symbolic threshold is a testament of the success of the site, run by volunteers from all over Europe.

Launched by JEF-France following the failed French referendum on the European Constitution in 2005, Taurillon has undergone a rapid expansion and now boasts 70,000 visits per month. Initially limited to the French version, Le Taurillon and its team of volunteers offer today’s readership 4 linguistic versions (French, English, German and Italian) and an innovative perspective on European affairs thanks to its federalist point of view.

Young people who want to make Europe move

In its prolific tenure, Taurillon and its English version thenewfederalist.eu has published 1,500 online articles contributed by 400 authors from every corner of Europe. The site has also hosted 800 short news stories and more than 4,000 public messages. The different versions combined publish more than 10 articles per week. This collective wealth offer readers a multicultural and dedicated commentary on European affairs.

The crossing of this symbolic threshold is a source of great pride for all of those who have taken part in the adventure to-date. The use of Taurillon articles by some professors as supporting material for their lessons demonstrates the impact that our generation, the so-called Euro-Generation, is fully engaged in the construction of Europe.

A committed and federalist site…it works!

Taurillon is intended to be a tool for cultivating a better understanding of the challenges of European integration. Imparting new knowledge and information is an important goal of our articles and Taurillon’s ability to offer a particular point of view responds to a complementary expectation of our visitors: a dedicated European reading and interpretation of current affairs.

Reaching more than 70,000 visitors per month on European issues is a success which places Taurillon in a very good position within the Internet euro-sphere.

The Young European Federalists (JEF) are very proud of this tool of communication and information dissemination for citizens. Come discover this site and its analysis of the on-going debates over the future of Europe!

About JEF

www.jef.eu / www.thenewfederalist.eu

The association of the Young European Federalists - JEF - is an independent association whose purpose is the promotion of the European construction and the creation of a European political federation.

For more information about Taurillon please contact:

Fabien Cazenave, Editor-in-Chief of Le Taurillon / taurillon at jeunes-europeens.org / +33 6 66 66 02 24

and for the English version thenewfederalist.eu

Elena Montani, Editor-in-Chief of thenewfederalist.eu

Image: logo of Taurillon.

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  • On 26 May 2008 at 12:32, by Fabien Cazenave Replying to: Taurillon reaches one million visitors!

    In the name of the frensh Redaction of the Taurillon, we’re very happy to work with you !!!

    And we’re very happy to see that the number of visits of your version is growing and growing...


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