Juuso Järviniemi

Originally from Finland, Juuso Järviniemi studies International Relations at the University of Edinburgh. He was the President of the British JEF section in 2017/18, and has been a member of JEF-Europe’s Federal Committee since 2017. Juuso was the Editor-in-Chief of TNF in 2017/19.

Juuso’s interests include the democratic structures of the EU, the UK’s place in the European project, and European identity.


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Predicting the EU’s future with European Movement Finland

A while ago, I wrote about the event organised by European Movement Finland where the impact of Jean Monnet and Altiero Spinelli on European integration was discussed. The event was a part of a series of EU-related discussions. The second event of the series featured Tapio Raunio, Professor in Political Science from the University of Tampere and Petros Fassoulas, the Secretary General of European Movement International.

Sunday 8 November 2015

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