They’re actually going to do it!

Day 1 of the European Youth Convention: 150 representatives with the mission to draft a European Constitution in four days.

, by Alexandre Costa

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They're actually going to do it!

Today, 150 young Europeans from 38 countries have gathered at the European Parliament to start a mega project: writing a constitution for a better Europe in only four days.

The delegates of the European Youth Convention embody the future of Europe – the voice of a generation that grew up in a continent with (almost) no borders and who want that it stays this way.

(Forward to minute 5:30).

A fact underlined during the opening ceremony speech: “Europe as a whole is in miserable shape”, said Céline Geissmann, Vice-President of JEF France and co-organiser of the European Youth Convention (EYC). For the past ten years, economic turmoil, rising populism and Euroscepticism have taken their toll on the continent. “Europe is at crossroads, it needs more than ever to incorporate its youth in decision-making”, commented Carina Autengruber, Vice-President of the European Youth Forum, in her opening words.

Too often have we heard politicians talk in the name of our generation, but not at all understanding our needs and vision for the future of the Union.

Next to the many #PulseOfEurope demonstrations in many countries in support of the EU, the European Youth Convention offers the strong symbol to convey our message for a Union closer to its citizens, easier to understand and more united.

As we innovate for Europe, we also innovate in our way of debating. The Malik Management Institute is powering the EYC with its Syntegration® technology.

The 12 discussed topics focus on various principles of a better Europe, as well as core values of our continent.

As you are reading this article, our facilitators and script-writers are summing up the diagnosis of the first day. Stay tuned as the drafting of the constitution unfolds.

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