JEF-Latvia: Beginning of the “EU-vote!” campaign

, by JEF-Latvia

JEF-Latvia: Beginning of the “EU-vote!” campaign
“EU-vote!” team. Credits: JEF-Latvia

On March 25th, 2023, Latvia’s youth organisation ”Club “The House” - youth for United Europe” started a campaign called EU- vote! (“ES-vēlu!”- in Latvian) as part of the “Co-operation youth vote” (COYV) project to promote the 2024 European Parliament election. This campaign aims to increase adolescent interest in voting in the European Parliament 2024 elections and teach the youth how the EU works. Our methods of achieving goals are by using non-formal education and social-media platforms.

Why are we making this campaign, you might ask? It’s because only 33.3% of Latvia’s electorate voted in the last European Parliament election. Some people in predominantly rural Latvia still think that EU decisions don’t affect them. The campaign is part of a European-wide campaign starting in April. The campaign will last across Latvia from March 25th 2023, till May 9th, 2023. There are going to be several events happening alongside the campaign, like school visits in the regions and an event called “Quick date with Europe”, in which Latvia’s European Parliament representatives will participate. In addition, we will do street interviews, post information on the social media platform Instagram about EP structure, political parties, etc., and many more youth interactive activities.

A new article will appear on “The New Federalists” every Tuesday through the campaign. The following articles will be about:

  • European Parliament election importance (on April 4th);
  • Latvian youth opinion about the European Parliament (on April 11th);
  • Latvian youth involvement in the 2019 European Parliament elections (on April 18th);
  • Interview with an adolescent who has voted in a 2019 European Parliament election (on April 25th);
  • Conclusion of the campaign (on May 2nd).

More about our team:

Our team consists of the COYV project coordinator in Latvia and “EU-vote!” campaign manager Reinis Giļs, “EU-vote!” campaign design team coordinator Daniela Lipsne, “EU-vote!” campaign text writing team coordinator Patriks Pudāns, as well as eight more volunteers without whom this campaign would be impossible.

Who are we? We are all members of “Club “The House””, a Latvian youth organisation for a united and more integrated Europe. The organisation’s primary goals are to educate and inform youth about important issues that affect them and increase youth activism in the civil sector.

We all are thrilled to start the campaign and to make an impact on our Latvian society!

The campaign “EU-vote!” is made by the Latvian youth organisation “Club “The House” - youth for United Europe” as part of the JEF Europe project “Co-operation You(th) Vote - enabling future active European citizens” (COYV) which is financed by the European Union.

Follow on our journey on JEF Latvia and “Club “The House”” Instagram, as well as “Club “The House”” TikTok account.

From left to right: Daniela Lipsne, Reinis Giļs, Patriks Pudāns.

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