Radu Dumitrescu wins EU in My Region blog contest

, par Juuso Järviniemi

Radu Dumitrescu wins EU in My Region blog contest
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Radu Dumitrescu, one of The New Federalist’s Editors-in-Chief, has won the EU in My Region blog contest organised by the European Commission. Of more than 100 entries submitted to the contest, his text about European Youth Weeks 2018 was selected as the winner.

The text, originally published on The New Federalist, pulled together insights from a two-week summer camp held in Germany. While in the past, the text observed, war was the most common context in which people were in contact with foreigners, today such intercultural exchange takes place through means such as non-formal education - or, as Radu Dumitrescu described it, “sitting in a circle and talking about feelings”. A poignant but pertinent illustration that humanity has progressed remarkably in just a few centuries.

The main prize of the competition is a three-week communications training in Brussels, from 1 to 19 October. “I mainly want to see if work with institutional communication would fit me. We’re always writing and reacting to Commission proposals, and now I can see how they communicate”, Radu Dumitrescu said.

This summer, the Commission ran three EU in My Region competitions. In addition to the blog contest, the Commission ran a photography contest, whose winning photos are compiled into a travelling exhibition, and a series of quizzes whose winners were sent food baskets with European delicacies in them.

There is a culinary aspect to winning the blog contest, too. When asked what winning the competition feels like, Radu Dumitrescu said that “victory tastes like Belgian waffles, which I absolutely loved when I visited Brussels for the first time and which I look forward to having again”.

You may read the winning entry on The New Federalist’s site at https://www.thenewfederalist.eu/european-youth-weeks-the-best-14-days-of-summer.

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