Johnson can no longer ignore Parliament. So he is silencing it - commentaires Johnson can no longer ignore Parliament. So he is silencing it 2019-08-29T19:33:05Z 2019-08-29T19:33:05Z <p>“The suspension of Parliament is undeniably an attempt to force through a no-deal Brexit without our consent.”</p> <p>It may not have your consent, but it does have the consent of the majority who voted to leave the EU. It had the consent of the 83% of voters who elected MPs in 2017 who promised to follow through on Brexit, as well as very large numbers of posters on public websites.</p> <p>Perhaps you haven't been watching news programmes, repeatedly people are saying words to the effect, “just get on with it” and “MPs have ignored our vote”.</p> <p>I suggest as a democrat you ask yourself how you defy the largest ever democratic exercise in the UK and support MPs who are trying to prevent Brexit and require the UK to remain shackled to the EU in the Customs Union etc. Democracy means implementing the vote even if you personally don't like the result. Obviously in any other EU state there would have had a second referendum by now and let's assume for the sake of argument it happened here and Remain won, why would Leavers accept that ?</p> <p>We voted to LEAVE the EU, not remain attached or partially connected and watching MPs repeatedly break manifesto promises and obstruct the clear INSTRUCTION of the electors.</p> <p>Still as true democrats this website doesn't post any public comments, despite giving the impression it does. Creepy don't you think ?</p>