IRELAND : 1% HAS SAID NO ! - commentaires IRELAND : 1% HAS SAID NO ! 2008-06-16T15:06:50Z 2008-06-16T15:06:50Z <p>You mention that the minority should not upstage the majority. But, the majority in this case has not been the European public. It is simply representative of the Governmental positions in each of those countries. It is this arrogance that has caused the publics of many EU countries to feel disenfranchised from the main arguments of the treaty...not that they have EVER been explained properly on TV or media. The Brussels 'elite' as it is known has simply created new legislative power for itself WITHOUT the consent of its citizens. So the citizens of one country allowed to vote said no. This is exactly as it should be. Now, our highly paid and unelected body of personnel must just get back to the drawing board and create a new treaty that IS acceptable to all countries. It is difficult to do but really is a simple as that.</p> IRELAND : 1% HAS SAID NO ! 2008-06-16T09:09:46Z 2008-06-16T09:09:46Z <p>The majority is not entitled to supress the opinion of a minority. But the minority should not be entitled to supress the opinion of a majority. If Ireland doesn not want to adopt the Reform Treaty nobody wants to oblige them to do it. But Ireland must not block the majority that wants to adpopt the Treaty and go on with integration. Let's leave Ireland out of this Treaty, as they have voted for, and let it come into force among the majority of countries that are ratifying it !</p> <p>North-Rhine Westpalia does not decide for the whole Germany. We are asking that Ireland does not decide for the whole Europe.</p> IRELAND : 1% HAS SAID NO ! 2008-06-14T18:20:18Z 2008-06-14T18:20:18Z <p>There is one essential flaw in your argument : The concept of democracy and federalism does not entitle the majority to supress the opinion of a minority. Flemish people in Belgium can not claim their rights just because they outnumber the Francophone population. North-Rhine Westpalia does not decide for all of Germany just because they're the most populated Länder. And in Europe, the opion of a member state counts wether they make up 1% or 50% of the population.</p> <p>I firmly agree that a referendrum is not an ideal tool for milestone decisions such as the Lisbon treaty. But if we can not avoid them ,such is the case in Ireland, we can't just wave it away by saying this No-vote does not oblige others to take it seriously. That would truly be a setback to democracy.</p> IRELAND : 1% HAS SAID NO ! 2008-06-14T06:08:32Z 2008-06-14T06:08:32Z <p>Good article. Thank you.</p>