Europe United : we need truly pan-European political parties - commentaires Europe United : we need truly pan-European political parties 2009-08-26T02:56:42Z 2009-08-26T02:56:42Z <p>I find the timing of the creation of this party disturbing after the no vote on European unity in both France and the Netherlands. I find it even more disturbing that the « EU » whatever « that » is - a nondemocratic, secretive, nonrepresentative organization that is busy taking over the sovereignty of it's member nations and working to destroy them, exists at all. I think it quite interesting that there is supposedly a « vote » to get into the EU by « new »joining countries« but no way to »get out« which makes it a prison, and a »unified one« at that, something that Europe last experienced during World War Two. By all appearances economically, politically and militarily this is just the goal the nations of Germany and Japan had in World War Two and they are the two nations benefitting now. The only people in Europe that I've heard that want the EU are the German politicians. The only other people outside of Europe that want it are the Japanese politicians. The German people want to finally be a unified nation after being split in two, but as usual, their »so called « government » doesn't represent them and under the pretense that they « want Europe to »feel secure« , German politicians stated that »they could not become a « unified nation » unless they « integrated with » (or took over) the rest of Europe. Clearly the rest of Europe doesn't want to « integrate together » in order for Germany to « be a »unified nation« nor do Germans and there should be no EU, no NATO and Germany and Japan should stay within their own borders economically, politically and militarily and stop their pretense that they're everybody's »friends« »partners« and »allies" - when they are out to take over the world and are presently working on it using organizations and venues such as the EU.</p> Europe United : we need truly pan-European political parties 2008-08-22T08:29:23Z 2008-08-22T08:29:23Z <p>In reply to : Europe United</p> <p>I red very carefully the interviw. I aprecciate it very much. On the other hand, very friendly and very sincerely, I would like to mention that : Reading through the lines of your comments I understood that there is a kind of “utopia” wich pours from the lack of experience. I feel it because I have the experiece of exsocialist political-economical system and now the capitalist political-economical system. There are a small number of people who have had the chans to live, work, think and make experiments in two very different political.economical-social systems. People who are able to compare these two different systems pracicaly and theoricaly, and draw the necessary conclusions from them, etc. It is not so easy to tell everything you keep in your head, in two or three lines. Anyhow, I wish You all the best on your way towards United Europe.</p> <p>From : Athanas Bakalli</p>