Yes We Can ! Even in the Muslim World ! - commentaires Yes We Can ! Even in the Muslim World ! 2009-06-16T21:51:56Z 2009-06-16T21:51:56Z <p>Oh good one luca !! Well done !! The Muslim world should never be mand to understand that there is a war or a sort of crusade against it !! I am happy Obama says that Israeli setlement building should stop. Israel has the right to exist and be safe. But it must not be permitted to do whatever it likes in the Palestinian Territories (at the expense of Palestinians. Regarding Iran, now they made their choice (although it is very much disputed). Unfortunately, it was not a good one. Ahmadinejad is not the way forward definitely. Although if Mousavi was elected, I think he would not make a large difference since it is the Supreme Leader and the 12-man Guardian Council who control the levers of power in Iran. But on the whole, it is quite an excellent article. Well done and keep it up my friend !!</p>