Conservative naivety on Europe - commentaires Conservative naivety on Europe 2009-11-16T07:58:06Z 2009-11-16T07:58:06Z <p>« Now that really would be 'yes please' from all of us here on 'the island' »</p> <p>An EU membership referendum is a good thing whatever the result : if the citizens choose to withdraw, so be it : the Union will be able to move forward faster without the british eurosceptics governments preventing its progresses.</p> <p>If the British citizens choose to remain in the Union, then its legitimacy will be reinforces and it may allow future governments to adopt a pro-European policy instead of the present euroscepticism. This is more likely as despite huge eurosceptic propaganda, I am convinced that the citizens are not naïve enough to believe in all of it and know that the Union is the best way forward for us Europeans.</p> <p>Both outcome are a win for the Eurofederalists. So bring it on !</p> Conservative naivety on Europe 2009-11-16T06:21:45Z 2009-11-16T06:21:45Z <p>Dear Paul,</p> <p>we as Young European Federalist stand for transparency, diversity and democracy and if you would read closely in what he believe in you would see we advocate a system of governance at European level that is accountable to its citizens and we believe that would best be achieved with a constitution, sth the Lisbon Treaty is not. Even though your comment is on the verge of ridiculous comparing the EU with former USSR this doesn't mean you are not entitled to your opinion and let other commentaters counter you.</p> <p>Peter, Editor</p> Conservative naivety on Europe 2009-11-13T21:04:07Z 2009-11-13T21:04:07Z <p>Re :</p> <p><< <i>Maybe what Britain really needs is not a referendum on Lisbon, a sovereignty bill or a re-negotiation of certain policy areas, but a referendum on EU membership.</i> >></p> <p>Now that really would be 'yes please' from all of us here on 'the island', as you so insultingly call the UK. If logic fails then ad hominem attack seems to be the way with the eurofanatics. This plays straight into our hands as articles like this are so full of veiled (and not so veiled) insult to both the country and to the people who oppose this nightmare EUSSR that we're sleep walking into. If we're 'the island' the EU is the EUSSR - see how it feels ? Both are truthful statements - we are an island and the EU is heading towards totalitarianism. Is this REALLY what you prople want ? It's certainly where it's going. It's beginning to look like now that you have silenced the people of Europe, brow-beaten the Irish and cornered Vaclav Klaus you have what you want - the way forward to an Orwellian super state.</p> <p>The UK saved Europe from Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler, what name is it that we will have to deal with this time ? How long will it be before this anti-democratic monster engulfs the continent ? how long before the people rise up ?</p> <p>Bet you don't publish this !</p>