International Court of Justice : Kosovo ruling - commentaires International Court of Justice : Kosovo ruling 2010-09-13T08:58:34Z 2010-09-13T08:58:34Z <p>As an independent researcher in the field of international relations, I would like to extend my candid view regarding the hereinabove mentioned topic.The veritable fact is that there may be diversity of opinion with regard to the ICJ's ruling on Kosovo ;but one has to keep in mind while assessing the merit of the Kosovo case that the doctrine of equality in terms of law seems no to be contradictory to the norms of international law established by the UN Charter.The theory of mutasis mutandis - justification of a case or law pertaining to different situations and circumstances- is itself an important instrument of law.The independence of Kosovo-protected defended by the UN-the EU and now by the ICJ-correctly reflects the message that the protection of human rights has been the prime focus of the international institutions that have been the ardent supporters of Kosovo's independence.</p>