The patent of discord - commentaires The patent of discord 2011-01-25T12:38:31Z 2011-01-25T12:38:31Z <p>I don't see how the three-language system proposed by the Commission may harm SMEs more than the current one, which requires a European patent to be validated in a majority of Member States in order to take effect.</p> <p>Of course, having a fully multilingual system with 23 official version would be more perfect (albeit useless), but the associated costs for the EU budget (since nobody is suggesting that companies should pay for it, otherwise it would be worse than the current situation) would be so high that I don't think even Italy would favour it.</p> <p>So, what I don't understand, is this all-or-nothing approach : If we can't get full multilingualism, why on earth should we go for monolingualism ? Why not have a middle way, which this trilingual system tries to achieve ?</p> <p>The same rationale goes for enhanced cooperation. I just don't understand those who say that this would divide the single market. It simply doesn't. In its proposal for a Decision authorizing the enhanced cooperation : <a href="" class='spip_url spip_out auto' rel='nofollow external'></a>)790-final_en.pdf, the Commission explains it very clearly. It is far much better to have a fully functioning single market for at least those who actually want it, than have a fragmented internal market for everybody...</p> The patent of discord 2011-01-24T11:47:38Z 2011-01-24T11:47:38Z <p>« The point is : Is there anyone who really wants to make these reforms ? »</p> <p> The best way to answer the question posed by this paper is to answer with another question.</p> <p> This is not so much whether I have to go through an automatic translator that will allow me to translate the question in French and then translated back into French and answer all in English.</p> <p> No. The question is why I must use an American translator ? In this case Google Translate. Who took the opportunity to suggest me, naturally, the web browser to download Google Chrome American (rather than using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser U.S. I usually use).</p> <p> <a href="" class='spip_url spip_out auto' rel='nofollow external'></a></p> <p> In short, there are more than questions like "Is there anyone in the political institutions of the European Union who realizes what a world we live in today ?</p> <p> PS (Européen. ..) : I left the exact translation of Google Translatewithout trying to to correct the English ...</p>