Which should be the first federalist European Citizens’ Initiative ? - commentaires Which should be the first federalist European Citizens' Initiative ? 2011-03-23T09:55:02Z https://www.taurillon.org/Which-should-be-the-first-federalist-European-Citizens-Initiative#comment9546 2011-03-23T09:55:02Z <p>You may call me monomaniac, but my proposal is :</p> <p><img src='https://www.taurillon.org/squelettes-dist/puce.gif' width="8" height="11" class="puce" alt="-" /> <strong>“ICE Who's your candidate ?"</strong> or <strong>"ICE for EU-wide presidential primaries"</strong>.</p> <p>This ICE would call for revising regulation 2004/2003 in order to have European political parties nominate their candidates for Commission president before each European election, possibly through EU-wide primaries involving their activists.</p> <p>In this aim, the ICE would propose to introduce new requirements in the regulation : parties would no longer be recognised as such if they do not nominate a candidate for Commission president before European elections. Additionally, the ICE would propose financial incentives (cofinancing rates, administrative requirements, rules on private donations) for parties organising primaries, i.e. involving the individual members of to their affiliated national parties in this designation.</p> <p>This ICE is entirely realistic, it would fall within the powers of the Commission and pass the admissibility check, and it would concern a legislative field (art. 224 TFEU) ruled by codecision and qualified majority voting. At the same time, this ICE would be about a fundamental institutional change.</p>