Youth Unemployment in Germany : More a Sham than Success - commentaires Youth Unemployment in Germany : More a Sham than Success 2012-06-08T18:13:59Z,04846#comment13573 2012-06-08T18:13:59Z <p>here is a source for my 17% : Page 157 ff. you can read something about statistical effects of dual training, which is a cause for a low unemployment rate.</p> <p><a href="" class="spip_url spip_out auto" rel="nofollow external"></a> (in German)</p> Youth Unemployment in Germany : More a Sham than Success 2012-06-08T06:44:16Z,04846#comment13566 2012-06-08T06:44:16Z <p>i have forgotten to say : only 22.5% of firms have job opportunities for young people (apprenticeships). In the industrial sector only 11%. Many of the apprentices are in sectors were they educated more than they need, Hairdressers. That´s the reason why round about 48% become unemployed directly after there qualification. They get an apprenticeship but no Job after that. Some of them are wasting their time, because after apprenticeship they have to choose a second one or have to go to school again. The lack of general education and the stratification of the education system makes it necessery to repeat goin to school again, then many people double a secondary school education.</p> Youth Unemployment in Germany : More a Sham than Success 2012-06-08T06:29:44Z,04846#comment13565 2012-06-08T06:29:44Z <p>the real youth unemployment rate in Germany is 17% (2009, Source : vocational school teacher association). Everybody can see that in the age group between 24 and 29, when 17% are without any education and without Job. Your can read this in the book « Lissabon 2000 und die duale Ausbildung » from author Rothe. The world bank statistics shows, that there are more uneducated people in this age group than in many other industriale countries.</p> <p>the Qualification standard in dual training is often to low. They don`t have an access to higher education. This is a form of discrimination, because they have finished a Highschool education (secondary school). Higher Education in Germany is for a small elite only. Normayll every person who have sucessfully end with a Highschooldiploma or equivalent must have access to Higher Education.</p> Youth Unemployment in Germany : More a Sham than Success 2012-06-08T06:23:52Z,04846#comment13564 2012-06-08T06:23:52Z <p>@Niklas</p> <p>the result of Schröder Reform and Hartz are Minijobs for women ! In Western Germany round about 35% of women are working in Minijobs with 5-7 Euro per hours. This 400 Euro Jobs expands highly. Today 70% of working poor are Women. Without a minimum wage it is a discrimination against women in work.</p> <p>the german school system is also a shame. It´s from the tripartite society from the 19th Century with three different education levels and education opportunities (Ständegesellschaft). Today most of the Azubis in vocational education are in an average age from 19,8 years - in reality it´s a postsecoundary educational level, but Haupt/Realschools end education between 15 and 16. That`s the reason why firms say, the students have a lack of abilities - they are to young for the high specialised job market and firms want older Azubis with Abitur, they want to work with adults.</p> <p>But Students over 18 have normally a postsecondary Education and that´s a Collegeeducation/Higher Education and not a secondary school.</p> Youth Unemployment in Germany : More a Sham than Success 2012-03-10T08:51:29Z,04846#comment12560 2012-03-10T08:51:29Z <p>You go way to far to call it a sham only pointing to the long transition period, which in my view cannot be disregarded as u did by citing some professors, who point out practical and implementing problems. Minimizing the « success » of the labour market reforms done under the Schröder government particular in the current European context is not suitable. If they didnt do their reform the Youth Unemployment would be much higher !</p>