for a FEDERAL EUROPE now ! - commentaires for a FEDERAL EUROPE now ! 2012-08-08T01:54:58Z,05066#comment14453 2012-08-08T01:54:58Z <p>If you want a deeper integrated Europe, then your primary concern should be to convince the ordinary citizens. I am tired of being scared into thinking that a economic crisis justifies democratic principles can be overlooked or ignored. Surely in times of crises the logical, modern, and rational thing to do is to get the consent of the people ; for if there is no consent then no matter what the remedy it is doomed to fail. It is a well known fact that the democratic deficit in the EU is now more vast than ever, and opinion polls are clearly showing a genuine dislike for the EU. Hold referendums ! and stick by the result. No matter if you are a Eurosceptic or European Federalist, we must all adhere to democratic principles. If referendums support deeper integration then let the history books show the people wanted it. Imposing a utopian ideology on the people without consent - no matter how revolutionary it is - is plain wrong and flies in the face of everything the post-WW2 leaders envisioned. Don't forget that throughout history, policies have been imposed on the populace, and for thousands of years the most advanced empires have crumbled. Please do not make the same mistake. If people vote no accept it and hope that one day you can convince them to vote yes. This is simply the only way. What we saw before Lisbon in Ireland has completely turned many people off the idea of being European. Let's be frank - the second round of voting was quite frankly a pseudo act of democracy, and is exactly what dictators do to justify their existence to the outside world. Who here can name 10 members of the EU parliament ? or how many MEP's there are ? or the number of EP parties ? Perhaps that is silly because of the site I am on, but consider the layman on the street, consider the millions of people. This is a supra national entity, and to think otherwise destroys the sovereignty of all nations. Do not be part of something like this. Only ignorant people will not conceive a Europe without the EU - or at least in its current format. Economic survival is not dependent on political union. The UK would do perfectly fine without being a member of the EU because it is inconceiveable for the EU not to make a trade deal with them. Look how much is imported into the UK from Europe, and vice versa. The £9,000,000,000,000 given to the EU from the UK will be gone creating a shortfall anyway, and the UK can make whatever trade deal it likes with the US, Japan, China and India. It is a globalised market yet France, Germany and the UK are unable - as top 10 economies - to sit in at the WTO - or make their own competitive trade deals with emerging markets. Do not let fear of economics trick you into thinking we need political union for the simple fact the coercive factor is FEAR. There are alternatives to this model we have now.</p> for a FEDERAL EUROPE now ! 2012-06-29T09:40:56Z,05066#comment14104 2012-06-29T09:40:56Z <p>Really wish it would happen, alas seems more and more distant with each passing summit.</p> for a FEDERAL EUROPE now ! 2012-06-28T15:25:50Z,05066#comment14086 2012-06-28T15:25:50Z <p>A new constituent Convention should be convened with representatives elected by the citizens both at national and at European level, as well as representatives of the governments and the European Commission, which, overcoming national vetoes, will have a mandate to develop a federal constitution. Firstly why does the Commission which is simply a bureaucracy given any representation ? They have absolutely no democratic credibility. Secondly are you really suggesting that if a number of countries after consulting their people are mandated to veto this constitution they are to be ignored ? Very democratic. Finally do you have any evidence at all that a Federal Europe is wanted by a majority of people or doesn't that matter ? You are describing a process which will almost certainly lead to wide scale violence. We are where we are precisely because those of you who knew so much better than anyone else went ahead with a fundamentally flawed currency regardless of advice which was given at the time. Now you are desperate and are once again ignoring advice and making a bad situation catastrophic.</p>