In defense of real European parties - commentaires In defense of real European parties 2013-01-10T20:32:08Z,05430#comment15734 2013-01-10T20:32:08Z <p>Dear Arnaud and Nelly,</p> <p>thank you very much for this article. You are 100% right : to develop a truly « European political public sphere » we need some truly European political parties able to understand the needs and the hopes of the European people and transform them into actual policies and visions for the future.</p> <p>Therefore, the creation of truly European political parties is key if we want to build a more democratic Europe. In other words, there cannot be a functioning representative democracy at European level if there are no European parties. To think that national parties can become European parties by creating alliances just before the European elections has proved to be a failure. It is time to be bold and make a step forward.</p> <p>It is to contribute to the creation of a true « European political public sphere » that we are working within the <strong>European Federalist Party/Parti Fédéraliste Européen </strong> : a true European party represented in 10 European countries as well as in Asia and in North America.</p> <p>I warmly invite you to visit our <a href="" class="spip_out" rel='nofollow external'>website</a> and our Facebook page for more information !</p> <p>Federalist regards</p> <p>— Pietro De Matteis, PhD (Cambridge) Co-President European Federalist Party</p>