Polish Presidential Elections : Analysis and Implications - commentaires Polish Presidential Elections : Analysis and Implications 2015-05-30T22:27:59Z https://www.taurillon.org/aleksandra-sawa-20150530#comment21135 2015-05-30T22:27:59Z <p>Thank you for the feedback, Michal ! To address your comment : firstly, the last header is a question, as I wanted to show that I indeed doubt some of the voters know what/who they vote for. It is a fair point that you make about people voting against Duda or against Komorowski rather than FOR one of them - I briefely referred to this earlier in the article, when I said Komorowski was the 'last resort' for some left-wing voters in the second round and also in the next paragraph when I wrote on how Komorowski focused his campaign on 'how different he was from his opponent' in that he was not radical, especially in socio-cultural issues - aiming for those against Duda's approach. And also when I mentioned that Duda got some additional support from the dissatisfaction of the society with recent bills of the current governement - so again, there he got the voters who voted against Komorowski and the Civic Platform. However, I didn't want to put too much focus on this, since you can only feel this trend (of voting against rather than in favour) somehow in the atmosphere of the elections and it's not really tangible or backed by any data (I hope you know what I mean by that). As to the second case : well, I suggested 'people voted for Kukiz' because they did. He got 21 percent, so people DID vote for him. And I did raise the point of him being just a'tool' - 'a yellow card. for Komorowski and Duda'. Lastly, ignorance of the voters as to what the SMCs are and what their introduction would cause is exactly what I meant by the 'lack of awareness'. I hope this clarifies a bit, as I do in fact agree with the points you made. As to Law and Justice, I guess we will have to wait and see (and vote) in October :)</p> Polish Presidential Elections : Analysis and Implications 2015-05-30T18:42:00Z https://www.taurillon.org/aleksandra-sawa-20150530#comment21134 2015-05-30T18:42:00Z <p>Great article ! But I think you are wrong in two cases : last header suggests that people vote « for » someone, whilst in Poland it looks mainly like we vote « against » someone. The campain is more about what other site didn't do, and not about what we did. The second case is that you suggest that people voted for Kukiz. I think that they mainly voted against Komorowski and Duda, and Kukiz was only a tool to demonstrate their dissatisfaction- most of them don't even know what SMCs are... So it shouldn't be called « lack of awareness » :) And now the Law and Justice party is too confident of its victory in the parliamentary elections (like the Civic Platform was during this presidential elections) and their predictions are based on nothing (a lot of people voted for Duda, because they didn't want Komorowski to be re-elected, not because they wanted Duda and « Law and Justice » party to rule the country...).</p>