TNF Commemorates Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

April 24, 2024 is the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

, by TNF Editorial Board

TNF Commemorates Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day
Surviving Orphans of the Armenian Genocide in Gyumri (then Alexandropol), Armenia (1919-1920?)

The New Federalist honors the memory of the 1,500,000 Armenians who were murdered in the ruthless Genocide perpetrated against them by the Young Turks government of the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1918 on the occasion of the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

At the dawn of WWI, with the eventual evident downfall of the Ottoman Empire, the ruling Young Turk triumvirate opted to exterminate the Christian minorities of the Empire with the help of its allies. To these heinous crimes, we must also include 500,000 Assyrians and Pontic Greeks who also suffered Genocide during the same period.

The Republic of Turkey, successor state of the Ottoman Empire, continues to deny these atrocities and actively pursues an agenda of denial internationally.

Here at TNF, we salute the honorable stance of the European Union, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechia, Italy, Greece, Sweden and others who have defiantly stood up, against all attempts at intimidation, to honor the memory of the victims. In 2015, Germany and Austria not only recognized the Armenian Genocide but also acknowledged their complicity as allies of the Ottoman Empire.

Mass atrocities have always been a part of our collective history, that’s a fact. However, it must never determine our present and the course of our future. We hope that both the Turkish and Armenian peoples find their way to each other by not only honoring the lives of those who have died, but also of those who are yet to be born — together. We, therefore, salute the hard work conducted by the different heads of the European Union in their efforts for reconciliation between Armenia and Turkey. There will be no healing without reconciliation.

May all those who perished find eternal peace.

We remember.

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