Watching Eurovision with the #JEFJudge

, by TNF Editorial Board

Watching Eurovision with the #JEFJudge

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will have its Grand Final tomorrow night at 21:00 (CET)! Our #JEFJudge will be watching and reporting on it, why not join her and watch it here LIVE on the TNF?

You can watch the Song Contest live HERE and cheer on whichever country you want to win this year. Moreover, our #JEFJudge Laura Krawczyk is looking to hear what you’re all thinking of the Final and wants to report on this in her final article on this year’s show. Feel free to tweet @tnf_webzine with #JEFJudge to catch her attention, send in photos of your Eurovision parties and thoughts to our Facebook page!

It’s sure to be a cheesy, wonderful event and one that will make you feel all warm and European inside!

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