Youngster’s experience in first-time voting

, by JEF-Latvia

Youngster's experience in first-time voting
Credits: JEF-Latvia.

The campaign “EU-vote!” is made by the Latvian youth organisation “Club “The House” - youth for United Europe” as part of the JEF Europe project “Co-operation You(th) Vote - enabling future active European citizens” (COYV) which the European Union finances.

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Taking the first step to participate in your first election can be a frightening thought. There are many things to consider even before getting to the voting station. People sort these issues out since every election voting station is busy enough.

In times like these, listening to an experienced individual’s experience and advice can be helpful. To provide this advice to those in need, the journalistic team in “JEF LATVIA” interviewed Ance Malkalna about voting in the 2019 European Parliament, which was her first voting experience.

Q: How did you do in the 2019 EP elections?

A: This was my first time voting in an election. Beforehand I gathered information about voting stations near me, consulted with my family members a little bit and finally just went and voted.

Q: Considering this was your first time voting in an election, did you feel any particular emotions?

A: Well, I felt this sort of pride - it felt like I had done something meaningful. Being 17 years old at the time, I didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the national Saeimas election, so I felt disappointed since my peers had been able to vote. In conclusion, I was satisfied I had done something important after casting my vote.

Q: Was it easy finding the necessary information about who to vote for? Where did you find it?

A: I attended multiple events in Latvia organized by the EP. Also, we did plenty of research in school because we had a great Politics teacher who heavily encouraged the students to explore this opportunity. Taking all of this into account, I collected all the necessary information. It wasn’t hard for me – if you look for it, you’ll find it.

Q: And for our last question – was there a specific politician that piqued your interest and got your vote?

A: If I remember correctly, I liked specific parties but not individual politicians. Maybe there was someone I liked and gave a checkmark to when voting, but I honestly don’t remember since this was years ago. I mostly paid attention to publicly well-known individuals.

In conclusion, there is no reason to worry! To be more confident and sure when finally casting your vote, beforehand investigate what parties you have similar values with the voting process in your country, attend informational events and consult family and other experienced acquaintances. After the matter, you may consult those needing advice in the next election.

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