Youth engagement experts gather in Portimão to prepare joint European elections campaign

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Youth engagement experts gather in Portimão to prepare joint European elections campaign
Portimão railway station in sunrise. Photo by Juuso Järviniemi.

As the public launch of the European Youth Together : Road to the Future project nears, youth engagement and communications experts from various organisations, companies and institutions gathered in Portimão, Portugal to pull the strings together last week. The meeting was dedicated to reviewing European Youth Together project plans, and tools to be used in the ‘I Choose Europe’ European election campaign led by JEF Europe together with partners.

The participants provided feedback on different aspects of campaign planning, such as the general coordination of activities, communications and advocacy. The event also featured discussions on topics such as the large-scale campaign launch in March, and the bus tour supporting the ‘I Choose Europe’ campaign.

At the event to be co-organised by Animafac, the umbrella organisation of French youth and students’ organisations, near Paris from 13 to 17 March, 130 young Europeans are set to come together to prepare European elections-themed activities, and to join a high-visibility event for nearly 2,000 youth in Paris on 16 March to kick off two months of campaigning across EU member states and beyond.

At the meeting, representatives from organisations such as AEGEE/European Students’ Forum presented their initiatives for the elections, as well as other tools and promotion strategies. AEGEE’s main project, Y Vote, will feature an app with instructions on how to vote in each country, including voting from abroad. For its part, at the meeting the Portuguese myPolis initiative gave ideas for the web portal dedicated to the project. In addition, a representative of FlixBus shared tips on effective communication and promotion of project activities.

The major effort to bring youth and first-time voters to the urns and to strengthen youth organisations in the long term continues in Struga, (North) Macedonia in February. The ‘training for trainers’ will plant the seed for the extensive series of local events to be held before the elections.

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